Selenium United with Java

SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) is a practitioner level course for testers involved in web test automation. The course covers Selenium as a browser automation library from the ground up. Test automation constructs and design are kept to a minimum to better focus on code constructs that enable usage of Selenium in a properly designed manner. This design-focused course, provides an un-diluted Selenium experience, focusing more on the critical Selenium concepts, which enables better real-life implementation in their daily work.



Selenium is a suite of different tools meant for browser automation, including Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Although not limited to be used for testing web applications, it has become the most sought after tool by software testers. With support for all of the widely used browsers, it has also grown beyond just being another software testing library. It is backbone of countless browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks.

Through the use of Selenium, the most popular open-source browser automation framework, we’ll teach you the most relevant techniques for creating automated tests for web applications. It’s time to experience the most important concepts surrounding web application testing frameworks and manage your driver capabilities while exploring other high-level Selenium methods. Reach your test automation potential and join the leading international fellowship of Certified Selenium Engineers, Selenium United.

Who is this program for?

If you are a tester mostly focused on manual testing and want to step into the world of test automation, this course is for you.

If you are a test automation engineer who has just started with Selenium or you have done test automation with other tools, and now want to explore Selenium, this course is for you.

If you are an engineer with an intermediate level of Selenium knowledge, who hasn’t gone through an immersion learning in Selenium, so that you can know how all things fit together for professional Selenium based automation, this course could be the only course you need on Selenium.

Class Size

Maximum 5 participants.

Course Language

Please notice that the training and all training material is in English, as the exams are held exclusively in the english language.



Entry Requirements

Basic knowledge of core Java is mandatory. The trainer will briefly cover relevant Java concepts, as they are used in the course. Please note that the relevant Java concepts cannot be fully explained within this 3-day course. Participants who are well versed with the following concepts will be able to focus on the Selenium concepts in a much better manner, without diluting their attention to understand Java constructs.

No direct core Java questions will be included in the exam.

Explore most of the Java prerequisites via this tutorial series by Derek Banas on YouTube prior to attending the course.

Basic knowledge of Eclipse is also recommended.


Training price: 1100€ 770€ + 0% VAT* (Limited Offer)

Examination fee: 200€ + 24% VAT

* VAT exemption on training courses

Special Prices

If you are a student or an unemployed individual don’t hesitate and ask for discounts  &  special prices. Please contact us here for more details.


This program is offered both on-site and online. However, if you don’t live at Thessaloniki, nothing stops you from taking advantage of discounted prices and spend a productive weekend in one of the associate hotels. Take advantage of our preferential prices in accommodation from partnerships that we have. Contact us for more information.


Accreditation Info

Each participant receives a certificate of attendance upon the completion of the training.
Participants are not obligated to participate in the examination.


  • What is Selenium?
  • About SeU Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE)
  • Business Outcomes
  • Learning Objectives/Cognitive Levels of Knowledge
  • Programming Language Prerequisites
  • Chapter 1 – Web UI Automation
  • Chapter 2 – Introduction to Selenium
  • Chapter 3 – Automating the Web UI with Selenium
  • Chapter 4 – Beyond Simple Selenium Code Constructs
  • Chapter 5 – Putting Together a Basic Framework

Admission Deadline

30 September 2024

Training Dates

14-16 October 2024

Training Mode

Online or On-site (3 Days)
Οnelity offers both on-site and remote courses.


Duration is usually 9:00-18:00 with 10 minutes breaks for coffee and an hour break for lunch. The exact schedule is sent via email to the participants a week before training.